Our four Splasher levels are designed to extend the skills needed for water safety, confidence and basic independent swimming abilities. We focus on water awareness and safety in every lesson in every level. Our teachers use toys and games to encourage skills. While our swimmers are learning the basic fundamentals, our classes are still fun and a positive experience.

Our weekday morning Splasher  level classes are designed for pre-school aged children from 3 years.
Our afternoon Splasher level classes are school aged children who are still working on foundation skills.

Splasher 0 is a general starting point for our swimmers with little previous swimming experience. Our focus is to get the swimmer to put their face in the water comfortably, begin to learn a good flutter kick front and back and achieve a decent push and glide from the step to the teacher.

Splasher 1 is a further introduction to aquatic skills including floatation and underwater abilities. We work on a good body position front and back, a good push off and glide with face in the water and continued encouragement on a strong, solid kick.

Splasher 2 children are able to move independently through the water using skills learnt previously like kicking and paddling. Floating on both front and back is further developed as well as further survival skills taught.

Splasher 3 is an introduction of front over arms. We still maintain a high emphasis on strong kicking and good floatation.